The main draw at Valley View Hot Springs is the water, and it has been this way for over a century.  Today, six ponds, a hot tub, and a swimming pool are available for guests.

The water is much more than just a way to relax and have fun.  It heats several buildings in the winter through the use of radiant floor systems that route naturally hot water through foundations.  It generates 100% of the power through a hydroelectric system.  Water flows downstream from the hydroelectric plant provide habitat for Rio Grande Chub and other wildlife, a federally protected species.  And, it provides the drinking water at VVHS.


Soaking Pond

The largest and deepest of the natural ponds and the first one up the trail, the Soaking Pond is about a two minute walk from the Swimming Pool. The temperature ranges from 93°F in the winter to 98°F in mid-late summer, though it is most commonly about 95°F to 97°F. The water temperature in the back half of the pond (and particularly at the back wall) are somewhat warmer than the pool overall.  

Swimming Pool

Many guests say this is their favorite swimming pool in the world. The constant flow of fresh spring water through the pool keeps it clean, allowing a chlorine-free swimming environment. Although this is the "coolest" pool at Valley View, it is still always warm - temperatures range from the mid-80's in winter to about 90°F in summer.1

Sauna & Cooling Basin

Renowned as one of the world's most unique saunas, our electric sauna features a spacious tub of clean, cool water directly below its benches. It is powered entirely by hydroelectric energy and can be enjoyed wet or dry.


Top Ponds

If you're looking for a short but steep walk, this is it! It’s about ¼ mile to Top Pond. The Top "Pond" is actually a series of three ponds that flow into each other, and the middle one is the only pond at Valley View that is in the shade most of the day. The Top Ponds also shows the most variability in temperature, both seasonally and from year to year. Every year from late spring to early summer the temperature drops dramatically to about 70°F due to snow-melt and runoff. By July it usually pops back up to the 90's. Temperatures can also vary from year to year, depending on conditions. Apart from the spring drop the Top Pond is usually in the mid-upper 90's, similar to the other ponds. But in a wet year temps may not get out of the low 90's, and in a very dry year it may reach 105°F for several months.

Hot Tub

The water feeding this small tub is heated using excess hydroelectric energy. The tub is heated to approximately 104°F and although initially designed for the many children who frequent Valley View, it has become popular for kids of all ages.

Waterfall Pond

Perhaps the "coziest" of the natural ponds and the second one up the trail, the Waterfall Pond (or "Pipe Pool") is another two minute walk from the Soaking Pond. The temperatures are similar to the Soaking Pond, usually in the 95°F to 97°F range. The pond gets its name from the stream of water flowing out of a wooden pipe at the back of the pond, which is great for sitting under and letting the water wash your cares away.


Meadow Pond

Some call Meadow Pond the "undiscovered" pond as some guests don't even know it's there.  It is another two minutes past the Waterfall Pond. The smallest and shallowest pond, it is also often the coolest so it generally sees more use in the summer and fall than in the winter and spring. If you're looking for privacy and quiet, this may be the place. The pond sits in an open meadow with clear views to the west, mak

Apple Tree Pools

Beautiful man-made soaking pools. Managing the hydroelectricsystem allows the use use of excess electricity (if there is any) to heat the water for these pools, supplementing the temperatures mother nature provides.